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A Breath from the Veldt


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Author: John Everett Millais
Publishers: Galage Publishers
Publication Date: 1986
Edition: Reprinted Edition
Condition: Good Condition. Hardcover. Dust Jacket
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Hardcover reprint of the original 1899 edition

Excerpt: …white hunter, can hardly detect his whole body even when pointed out. Their quickness in observing signs, too, when a beast has passed, wounded or otherwise, is simply marvelous, forming one of the strongest points of interest amidst the many delights of the chase. Oom Roelef, my dear old hunter, was, I fancy, about as good in the art of spooring and veldt knowledge as any white man ever can be after a life spent in the wilds of South Africa, and I often used to admire his fine sense of reasoning and observation. Patience and deliberation are the most essential requisites for following a wild beast, dangerous or otherwise, and at this the old man was really first-class. Though slow at times, he seldom made a mistake; and some of the most delightful recollections I have now of my companion are connected with our wandering along, with senses highly strung and keenly alert, on the trail of some denizen of the forest that had for the time escaped us. Another most essential feature is being able to see the game quickly. Even a big beast like a kudo bull is sometimes overlooked when the hunter is brought to a standstill by the stems of a wait-a-bit. Everything in Africa is, as a rule, flooded in such a blaze of sunlight that the sight must become accustomed to the peculiar effects of light and shade before one can distinguish at a distance not only form but tones of colour. The Almighty has blessed me with extraordinarily good and quick sight, –I say it not with pride, but with thankfulness, –and as I have hunted birds and beasts since my childhood, I very soon got accustomed to picking up animals when standing in the bush or open, so I had not this, one of the chief difficulties of the hunter, to contend with. After a bit it became a sort.