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A Century of Car Design


Author: Penny Sparke
Publishers: Mitchell Beazley
Publication Date: 2002
Edition: 1st
Condition: Mint, Hardcover, Dust Jacket
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The car has evolved from a mode of transport to icons and status symbols that have entered the lexicon of our language like Bond’s Aston Martin.  Cars are a reflection of the times and what is happening in society and advances in technology.  A Century of Car Design is a comprehensive history of how cars are designed and follows the birth of the luxury vehicle in the 1920’s to the 30’s.  Mass production and the domination of Detroit in the 1950’s and more consumer focused cars leading up to the close of the 20th century.  Specific designers such as Giorgetto Giugiaro, ItalDesign who will be remembered for Audi100, Alfasud (1971), the Volkswagen Golf (1974) and the Fiat Panda (1980.  Another designer, Raymond Loewy often called the “father of modern design.”  His design work was not limited to cars, he designed the Coca-Cola bottle, the logos for Shell and Exxon, the Greyhound bus, the Lucky Strike cigarette pack, and the S1 Locomotive.

Each chapter covers a classic era in car design, including the emergence of the luxury cars in America and Europe during the 1920s and 30s, the explosion of mass-production in the automobile industry from the 1950s, and the consumer-orientated approach of the last decades of the 20th century. The work of individual designers such as Giorgetto Giugiaro and Raymond Loewy is discussed alongside features on the evolution of styles, for instance the impact of aerodynamics on the American car of the 1930s, the German machine aesthetic exemplified by BMW and the importance of the Italian coachbuilding tradition. With over 600 photographs of some of the greatest cars ever produced, this book is aimed at both design and car enthusiasts.