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A Country at War 1939-1945: The Mood of a Nation

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Author: Crwys-Williams, Jennifer
Publishers: Ahsanti
Publication Date: 1992
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good Condition hardcover with dustjacket
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The book, described by Harry F. Oppenheimer as ‘a work of fundamental importance’, is an intimate account of the experience of South Africans during that war, and the momentous impact that those years were to have on them all. 430 pages profusely illustrated with B&W images.

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    Published sixty years after World War II, Davies argues that a number of misconceptions about the war are still common and then sets out to address them. Two of his main claims are that contrary to popular belief in the West, the dominant part of the conflict took place in Eastern Europe between the two totalitarian systems of the century, communism and fascism; and that Stalin’s USSR was as bad as Hitler’s Germany.

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