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A Course In Miracles


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Author: Foundation for a Course in Miracles
Publishers: Foundation for a course in Miracles
Publication Date: 1999
Edition: Unknown
Condition: Good Condition
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“You may be surprised to hear how very different is reality from what you see.”(T348; T-l8.I.5:1) Our senses report to us a seemingly real and substantial world. The Course informs us however, that we spend all our sleeping and waking time in a dream of seeming separation from God. Our true nature is still spirit, as God created us, and will be eternally. God is described as perfect, limitless, formless, eternal and changeless and so therefore His Creation, the Christ or Sonship, must also be. Nothing in our universe can be described by any of these words and therefore it cannot have been created by God. We are ideas in the mind of God and as ideas we cannot leave the mind of God. This perfect unity of God and Christ is Heaven and nothing can threaten this.

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