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Bettie Cilliers-Barnard


Author: Muller Ballot
Publishers: Human & Rousseau
Publication Date: 1996
Edition: 1st
Condition: Mint, Hardcover, Dust Jacket
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ISBN 0798135425


Ballot says the following about her work: ‘The artist’s current period of consolidated themes stems from the principle of joining and linking all kinds of existing and new motifs. In this way new contexts and new content are created. There is at least one central message which appears in the works of this period. This is certainly related to the artist’s serious search for a reconciliation of earthly and transcendental perspectives on human existence. Her reaching out to esoteric horizons, to the boundaries of time and space, which have fascinated her from an early stage, still seeks fulfillment in the symbolic values of the human figure. Sometimes these occur with, for example, strange alien beings, primeval animal forms, arrows and sharp triangular shapes.’

The book covers the life and work of one of South Africa’s finest 20th-century artists. It positions artist’s work in the context of contemporary South African and international art.