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Game Birds of Southern Africa


Author: Rob Little
Publishers: Struik Publishers
Publication Date: 2000
Edition: 1st
Condition: Mint, Hardcover, Dust Jacket
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ISBN 1868723186

Gamebirds are an ancient food source from prehistoric times.  Gamebird hunting is a popular hunting activity.  In South Africa there are 21 species that include the spurfowl, quails, guineafowl, sandgrouse and francolins.  have been utilized since prehistoric times for both food and sport.  This book discusses in detail the scientific research with summaries complimented by artists Simon Barlows illustrated plates.  Each detail of the bird is captured to the minutest detail in their natural habitat.

Gamebirds of Southern Africa is considered the authority and essential reading for conservationist, bird watchers, artists and lover of nature.