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Luciferian Goetia – The Book Of Howling


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Author: Michael M Ford
Publication Date: 2007
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good Condition - As New Paperback
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Darkness is always found within first. Your entire life has been found in either an embrace of shadow or a carefully forgotten endless banishing of it. The Luciferian Path instructs the student to awaken darkness, to manifest demons from the abyss of the Subconscious and master them – the end result being self-mastery and the transformation into a Luciferic Spirit. The LUCIFERIAN GOETIA is a grimoire which presents the 72 Spirits of Solomon as daemonic forces within the mind itself, giving possibility to their anthropomorphic existence outside of humanity itself. The interpretation and experience is as unique as the Shemhamforasch itself. Herein is LEGION, the Book of Howling. Contains a different approach to the 72 Demons, Invocations and Evocations written by a Luciferian and a working methodology on summoning and controlling powerful forces.

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