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News of War


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Author: Furneaux, Rupert
Publishers: ax Parrish, Londion
Publication Date: 1964
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Fair Condition hardcover with dustjacket
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The story of the “Golden Age” of the war correspondent, i.e. 1854 to 1914, focusing primarily on the work of, though not exclusively, William Howard Russell, Archibald Forbes, and Richard Harding Davis. Beginning with Russell of the Times, reporting on the war in the Crimea, hundreds of war correspondents fed a continuous stream of eye-witness acounts of conflicts from the American Civil War, The Franco-Prussian War and the Russo-Japanese War, to smaller conflicts such as the Balkan wars, the Sudanese campaigns, and the South African conflict.¬†Stories and Adventures of the Great War Correspondents

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