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The valley


Author: C. Louis Leipoldt
Publishers: Stormberg
Publication Date: 2001
Edition: 1st
Condition: Good. Soft Cover. No Dust Jacket. As Issued
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The recent publication of Leipoldt’s Valley trilogy, three novels written in English in the 1930s (but not published in his day) now reveals Leipoldt in a very different light. These
three novels were written as a critique of sectionalist Afrikaner sentiment and politics, with a core argument against the folk-iconography of the Voortrekker, which had been
propagated by Gustav Preller in the first decade of the twentieth century. Not long before the writing of the Valley Trilogy Leipoldt had worked as a journalist on Die Volkstem,
which was edited at the time by Preller, with whose cultural and political views Leipoldt clashed. At the time of writing the Valley Trilogy, Leipoldt was regarded as an elder
statesman of the Afrikaans literary canon. Indeed, in terms of poetry, he was considered the first figure of importance. The image of Leipoldt as author of these novels is more of
a classic cosmopolitan liberal than a pioneer of the Afrikaans language and member of the white South African Nationalist establishment.  (excerpt from Riaan Oppelt)

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