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With Shield and Assegai


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Author: J.L. Smail
Publishers: Howard Timmins
Publication Date: 1969
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good Condition hardcover with Dust jacket.
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This is an excellent Reference and Guide book to Natal and Zululand. Natal was up to 100 years ago often a ‘dark and bloody land’. The Zulus rose to power on a tide of blood; there were some sanguinary encounters between them and the Voortrekkers; a great deal more blood flowed before the British crushed the mighty Zulu power at Ulundi; there was some fierce fighting in the province in the Anglo-Boer Wars; and finally there was the Zulu rebellion of 1906. This Historical Guide has been compiled to help keep alive the interest in the research of this beautiful land and to help preserve in photographic form a visual aid to those interested in any material pertaining to the period 1497 to 1879. 172pp including numerous black & white photographs; numerous maps; Index; and many Lists.

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