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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


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Author: JK Rowling
Publishers: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: 2007
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good Condition
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Severus Snape, a member of Dumbledore’s anti-VoldemortOrder of the Phoenixbut formerly one of Voldemort’sDeath Eaters, meets withNarcissa Malfoy, mother ofHarry Potter’s school rivalDraco. Bellatrix, who is Narcissa’s sister and is Voldemort’s most loyal and faithful servant is untrusting of Snape and believes his true intentions are not entirely in favor of the Dark Lord’s plans. She insists that Snape take part in the Unbreakable Vow, which she believes he will not accept, but when he agrees, this prompts Bellatrix to accept his determination to protect the young Draco. Snape makes theUnbreakable Vowto Narcissa, promising to assist and protect Draco.

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