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December 28, 2016
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January 10, 2017
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Return of the Warriors


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Author: Theun Mares
Publishers: Lionheart
Publication Date: 1995
Edition: 1st
Condition: Fair Condition, Hardcover with Dust Jacket
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ISBN 8881172933

The Toltec culture is a predecessor to the Aztec culture based in Tula, Hidalgo  Mexico.  The Toltecs were considered by the Aztecs to be their intellectual and cultural predecessors and used the world Toltec to describe them as artisans.

Among modern scholars it is a matter of debate whether the Aztec narratives of Toltec history should be given credence as descriptions of actual historical events. While all scholars acknowledge that there is a large mythological part of the narrative, some maintain that by using a critical comparative method some level of historicity can be salvaged from the sources. Others maintain that continued analysis of the narratives as sources of actual history is futile and hinders access to actual knowledge of the culture of Tula de Allende.

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